JCDecaux New Zealand’s latest addition to the high-impact SMARTFRAME network has arrived on Auckland’s Dominion Road. This new installation means the SMARTFRAME network now spans 27 screens across Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. 

Dominion Road is the 18th frame in Auckland. It strengthens SMARTFRAME reach into city fringe suburbs, as part of the network in locations including Mount Eden, Sandringham, Kingsland, Avondale, Takapuna, Remuera, Epsom, Royal Oak and Onehunga.

Phil Eastwood, General Manager - JCDecaux New Zealand, said: “Dominion Road, as one of Auckland's busiest commuter routes, provides a strategic location for advertisers to deliver impactful campaigns. As the sole digital billboard along this major arterial, it offers maximum exposure to city commuters, with an estimated reached of over 41,000* connections over a standard two-week campaign period.

“Its compatibility with programmatic trading not only adds flexibility, but also aligns with the growing effectiveness and accountability of Out-of-Home advertising in today’s fragmented media landscape.”

The SMARTFRAME network offers a net reach of more than 600,000 people* over a standard two-week period. The Dominion Road site boosts the overall reach as part of network pack or provides significant exposure for local businesses when purchased individually.

Situated among bustling suburbs including Mount Roskill, Western Mount Eden, Sandringham, and Three Kings, Dominion Road serves as a pivotal route to Auckland CBD, the airport, and the national rugby stadium Eden Park. Its surroundings, featuring renowned dining spots, high decile schools and popular shopping destinations, attract desirable audiences including city commuters and residents.

Recent research by JCDecaux New Zealand indicates that commuting is back to an all-time high, presenting brands with an ideal opportunity to engage with the high volume of commuters.

SMARTFRAME is a portrait digital format unique to JCDecaux. With a close-to-9:16 standard ratio, it is compatible with other digital channels meaning brands can use the same content they've created for digital campaigns without having to make significant adjustments or recreate assets from scratch. This helps maintain consistency and ensures campaign effectiveness across channels. 

* Calibre 

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