Our industry is in an exciting period of transformation and digitization. JCDecaux PROGRAMMATIC enables advertisers to embrace this revolution and deliver more relevant and meaningful Out-of-Home campaigns.


Programmatic refers to the automated purchase of Out-of-Home impressions, at an agreed or bid CPM, in near real time. Unlike other suppliers, JCDecaux has enabled 100% of digital roadside and airport inventory for programmatic trading and ensures 10% of roadside and 14% of airport inventory, meaning advertisers can access our best touchpoints.

JCDecaux PROGRAMMATIC offers advertisers the ability and agility to optimize Out-of-Home reach to specific audiences effectively and efficiently. Embracing contextual opportunities, such as time of day or weather conditions, advertisers can choose to run campaigns that are highly relevant and attuned to specific audiences as they move through their day. This creative flexibility offers opportunities never seen before in Out-of-Home, meaning Out-of-Home now offers the best of both worlds – strong branding capability, as well as more tactical properties.

VIOOH is a JCDecaux developed and owned SSP (Supply Side Platform) that manages JCDecaux’s programmatic plays in >10 countries worldwide. VIOOH partners with over 30 DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) including Hivestack, TradeDesk, GoogleDv360, Vistar Media and Yahoo in New Zealand. JCDecaux is constantly growing DSP relationships to enable more brands and agency partners, both in New Zealand and internationally, to seamlessly access VIOOH.