As the world’s largest Out-of-Home brand, we are committed to understanding how Out-of-Home connects with consumers to evoke desire and stimulate intent. Building on global understanding gained through the global network, we research New Zealand audiences and their relationships with our touchpoints.


Every year we invest in local research to deepen understanding of how Out-of-Home ‘works’. Since 2018, we’ve shared new knowledge regarding attention, emotion and memorability of JCDecaux LARGE FORMAT with agencies and brands.

Our Tools

JCDecaux offers unparalleled insights through the investment in smart proprietary data tools that transform big data into relevant and targeted outcomes for planning. 

Working with research partners, Access HQ, FiftyFive 5, Neuro Insight and NeuroSpot, our Intelligence studies have been acknowledged by the industry, featured in international pulications such as WARC and are now used in programmes to train professionals in our industry.

Our suite of tools enable partners to plan and execute world-class Out-of-Home campaigns. JCDecaux tools are offered as a value-add service to partners to ensure the most efficient and effective campaigns.



Powered by LANDMARKS ID insights, Calibre provides rich behavioural insights into defined audience segments and provides reach and frequency measures for campaigns amongst these audiences. Initially a JCDecaux developed tool, Calibre has been adopted as the industry measurement standard; it now has shared ownership amongst the three largest Out-of-Home brands (JCDecaux, MediaWorks and oOh! Media). Calibre has been endorsed by OOHMAA (Out-of-Home Association of Aotearoa) as the industry standard.



Fusing industry data into a single visualization eco-system, JCDecaux ORBIT allows advertises to analyze campaign targeting and location proximity. Combining a wealth of third party data sets, as well as thousands of locational points of interest, JCDecaux ORBIT enables the strategic selection and visualization of Large Format roadside campaigns. Proposed campaigns can be mapped to demonstrate the network effect of multiple billboards and the opportunities to deliver reach and frequency along obligatory journeys.


A ground breaking deep-learning AI tool that predicts saliency of Out-of-Home creative. Creative is uploaded into JCDecaux OPTIX; heatmap analysis gives advertisers insights into the saliency of elements of the creative. When used a part of the creative process, JCDecaux OPTIX can help inform creative teams through AB testing of executions.


Partnering with global media, data and insights company Pure Profile, JCDecaux IRIS offers advertisers access to one of the biggest consumer panels in the country. Delivering bespoke research themes or understanding of campaign performance, JCDecaux IRIS offers partners timely and specific research into Out-of-Home campaigns.




VIOOH is a JCDecaux developed and owned SSP (Supply Side Platform) that manages JCDecaux’s programmatic plays in >10 countries worldwide. VIOOH is DSP agnostic and partners with over 30 DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) in New Zealand, a list which is constantly growing. When developing this aspect of our digital business, JCDecaux made the strategic decision to build its own SSP to maintain quality and control for partners. In New Zealand, VIOOH enables access to every single digital JCDecaux touchpoint; compared with some brands that only enable select assets and not hero sites.