As a data-led organisation, we leverage evolving smart data to enhance engagement by the most sought after audiences.


Effectiveness is a word that you will hear often when partnering with JCDecaux; we don’t simply use data for data’s sake, but to inform and optimize every aspect of our business, from site location to audience profiling and touchpoint selection.

The JCDecaux network is designed to deliver maximum reach for advertisers. Large Format intercepts consumers where they are, in real time, so that brands are ever present. The locations in which we develop or acquire touchpoints are determined through detailed analysis to ensure the most desirable audiences and ROI from campaign investment.

New sites add incremental reach, rather than saturate a location already represented in our network, ensuring we grow strategically and responsibly.

Large Format exists seamless in the lives of consumers and can influence them day after day, on obligatory journeys. We strive to truly understand our consumers to connect in meaningful ways – how they live, how they move around cities and what influences their decisions.

With evolving data opportunities, including mobility and device insights, we are increasingly able to understand consumer movement. This enables us to target audiences that we know have visited certain locations or precincts, for relevant engagement or conversion opportunities. Working with insights partner LANDMARKS ID, Calibre data and Programmatic DSPs, campaigns can be optimised to ensure specific audiences are reached and influenced.

In planning campaigns, our Strategic Insights Team works alongside our Sales Leads to recommend touchpoints that will best meet objectives and deliver reach within desired audiences. An evolving range of data sources, and a number of tools, ensure effective campaigns.

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A prioritisation of mobility insights and neuroscience/behavioural research methods ensures we understand actual behaviour, rather than claims that may not materialize. Building on the opportunity that reach and frequency delivers, we understand customer journeys and the behavioural economics of purchase, and how attention, emotion and memorability contribute commercial outcomes for brands.