JCDecaux AIRPORT is a unique and premium environment with high dwell time and heightened receptivity for advertising and brand experiences. JCDecaux is the exclusive advertising partner in three of New Zealand’s busiest airports – Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown. All three airports reach domestic and international travellers. Travel is booming in a post-pandemic environment.

JCDecaux AIRPORT offers advertisers a range of digital and static formats to reach travellers throughout their journey – from Large Format external and arrival billboards, through to path-to-plane and the arrival at destination. 

JCDecaux AIRPORT is one of the only New Zealand environments where full motion Out-of-Home capability is permissable to advertisers. Full motion Out-of-Home is proven to be more engaging and memorable.

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Recent case studies show how JCDecaux AIRPORT is effective as part of the wider media mix for a range of brands.