Creative Guidelines


Rule 1

Get to the point

Say as much as you can, in the shortest possible way. Nobody wants to read the fine print, so keep the copy down and make every word count.

Get to the point

Rule 2

Scale up

Outdoor works on scale and proximity, so your creative needs to work on both levels, from up close and from afar. This goes double for the copy.

Scale up

Rule 3

Check your colours

Some colour combinations work together and some don’t. What looked good in the studio on a small screen might not translate as well when blown up 3000%.

Check your colours

Rule 4

Be legible

To serif or sans serif? Both work of course, but whatever the font choice, never make your audience try to decipher what you are saying.

Be legible

Rule 5

The surroundings

Outdoor advertising is geo-sensitive, so think about where your ad is running. How can you include the features of Outdoor location to elevate your creative?

The surroundings

How to make the greatest impact


  • Be succinct in message
  • Use colours that work well together
  • Tailor message to the medium
  • Ensure the brand is big enough and placed correctly
  • Use humour and compelling imagery
  • Use fonts that are clear and well-spaced


  • Say too much
  • Ignore colour and contrast
  • Use print creative
  • Brand poorly
  • Use illegible typography
  • Ignore the environment