What's trending this month: Spaces for Good

Mar - 2020


Each month we will highlight a human experience trend identified within the JCDecaux international network that we believe will help shape Out-Of-Home in 2020.

This month, we look into the trend of ‘Spaces for Good’.


Large format billboards are unavoidable canvases in cityscapes. During 2019 we noted a global trend that the location of billboards was being used for more than advertising; the sites were being used to help maintain and improve the environment of the cities they were a part of. McDonald’s utilizes sites as bee hotels (Sweden), artist Daan Roosegaadre created a ‘smog eating’ billboard (Mexico) and many brands created urban gardens using green/growing large format creative.

Since Jean-Claude Decaux first collaborated with the city of Lyon in the 1960s, our goal has always been city beautification, so we welcome innovative use of our sites. Brands keen to highlight their own good or green credentials and are identifying large format as an effective format to make bold,  talk-worthy statements.