Landmark research

Media Attention

May - 2016

The fight for attention is fierce in the Media Jungle

APN Outdoor investigate the Media Jungle to better understand consumer relationships with advertising.

The media landscape spreads far and wide, impacting lives of consumers from first light in the morning until long after the sun sets - and with all the intricacies that make up Media Attention, one thing is for sure… it’s a jungle out there.

In a comprehensive five part program we spoke to, surveyed and analysed over 3,000 people.

There is so much for consumers to take in and so many advertising options for brands to consider to reach them... all vying for consumers attention.

“The Media Attention” looks at consumer exposure, engagement and platform/format effectiveness.




Key statistics

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Outdoor reaches 81% of people every week


Outdoor is considered the second most effective ad platform, following closely behind TV

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Outdoor was found to be the best accompaniment to TV in terms of adding incremental reach - (93% total reach together)
In the Media Jungle, Outdoor was most associated with an Elephant due to its size and impact.
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